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Rend - Alpha First Impression

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I got an Alpha invite a couple of days ago (if you put in the beta request then you might have also), so I decided to try it tonight and wow I am really enjoying it. Think of it as a survival game like Ark and Dark and Light but with an MMO based skill system with classes. If I remember correctly 4 different type of classes; range bow type class, spell caster, melee, etc. I am playing an assassin that can stealth of course but uses long range bow to attack. The combat is very fluid and I like the aiming better than the other survival games, they did a great job with combat. 

To explain a little about the game it is 3 faction survival game but with a few twists (I think this is what Dark and Light was trying to create); first each faction needs to work together in research (there is a lumbermill, stonemill, alchemy, brewery, a couple more I can't remember though), plus building (you can also build your own base as well) and to fight off the other factions PLUS 2 times a week monsters spawn to specifically kill off the factions and each time your faction is successful killing off the monsters the next time they get harder. 

Now I played for only 2 - 3 hours so I haven't dove in enough but time just flew by while playing, but I can't express enough how much more there is in this game. I will give more in depth review this weekend but for the few of that have played and liked Ark, dark and light or conan you should request for beta. I put in the link in my previous post about this game plus 2 videos deathproxy who puts in a really good review, his second video goes into how they added in the ability to build your own base.


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