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  1. kyaras

    Classic Wow

    So they released the server names and types here: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/wow-classic-realm-names-and-types/246645 My thoughts on a server is I'd like to stick to the Eastern timezone because if I decide to raid I'll have people who raid at decent times. I assume everyone wants to play on a pvp server. Don't really have an opinion on rolling on a streamer server or not. Other than that, I'm game for whatever you guys want to do. Also, Blizzard is extending it's classic stress test to Monday 9AM PST for all who have active subscriptions. I re-subbed for the name reservation for the 12th anyhow so having a blast playing right now!
  2. kyaras

    Classic Wow

    Hey Ojore! I'm definitely playing classic wow when it comes out. I know of quite a few others from the battlenet warpig forum that are interested in playing as well. And yeah I'm definitely gonna be playing very casually as well so yeah man sign me up! Hope you guys are good! Haven't had time to do anything lately! It's almost August though and I'm going nuts with spreadsheets, character names, and other crazy stuff lol. Can't wait! Classic fever boys!
  3. Just waiting on release right now. I didn't back it or anything. Just was curious about it. I follow the discord right now and every once in awhile I'll look at the videos
  4. Another update. Lights hope launch of a fresh vanilla wow pvp server called Northdale is happening June 23rd 4 AM PST/7 AM EST. If the server is overloaded, which it probably will be, they'll be opening another server called silver hand to compensate for the extra players. I'll probably be playing that day if only to reserve names for my characters because I'm off the next 4 days from work. Will pop in today to see if anyone has questions or wants to hangout. I normally roll alliance but rolling horde this time around. I'll be rolling horde shaman/warrior at the start with likely other alts to farm gold/resources. Also, they will be running a stress test at around 5 PM EST
  5. I haven't watched the video yet as I'm enjoying a chill day off at the pool with gf but I'll add my two cents. Recently, over the past 6+ months, I've been really bored with gaming in general and also busy with real life stuff. That being said, relating to wildstar, the game was truly one of the best experiences I've had in my long gaming lifetime. The closest thing to another MMO experience would have been WOW. Wildstar gave me a lot of the similar experiences I had in wow: making friends, being pissed off at people in the guild, good release from everyday life, challenging content both group and solo, etc. Dispite what most people's opinions are of wildstar, I loved everything about it and would buy it again if only to hang with you guys more. I still go back and watch some of the videos from time to time that code uploaded on his YouTube channel just for nostalgia. Even though the game had a ton of bugs, poor performance, and horrible developmental issues I'd still play it again at the level I did provided I had the time to do so. My experiences throughout wildstar, and other MMOs are one of the reasons I'm so hooked on vanilla wow since it wasn't something I ever experienced since I came into WOW at the tail end of vanilla BC expansions. Wildstar will always have a special place in my heart, but I doubt I'll see a game with that devotion to real MMO experience as most I see now are poorly implemented, rushed for cash cow developerment, and/or lacks the same interest as the previous games I've played had. Again, just my two cents. Gotta go gf giving me that I'm gonna beat your ass look if you don't get off the phone lol! Peace out boys!
  6. Just an update. The people responsible for the lights hope.org vanilla wow servers are merging the low population pve server and pvp server into one pvp server lightbringer and creating a new fresh pvp server Northdale which releases June 23rd. I'm considering rerolling horde since their pvp racails are so good and in general the horde has a better community compared to the alliance. This is likely the last chance to experience vanilla wow before Blizzard's release of their server which is currently unknown(I know big surprise, right?). If interested in hanging out, casual leveling with me hit up on here or in game on Saintluke or Kyaras-I don't know if those names will be available on launch. Peace out!
  7. Game looks alright. Looks like a BDO with more PvE which is good for me. They even offer a store item that makes it where you are immune to world pvp which I really love considering most world pvp games I've played are zergfests or gangbangs. Might give me something to do till blizzard releases a vanilla server.
  8. Yeah! I'm happy with all those changes! It's interesting that it'll see how things end up but already 80% of the changes make her more viable which is what I wanted anyhow.
  9. Well, if you really want to know, I was refering to sucking on my gf's boobs lol. Code got with me on the shows. First episode of punisher was awesome! Looking forward to the next one now!
  10. Lol code! I don't suck, usually that's what I have the gf for lol! :-P Oh okay. No worries. I'll find a place when I got time to look lol.
  11. Az, I'm at work right now so can't look but is there anywhere other than Netflix that I can look where the punisher is online free? Just curious if you know anywhere. Trying to avoid Netflix or paying if possible but still wanna watch it
  12. Nah, not really. The defenders follows up after all the individual series, though, since it's all of them except punisher.
  13. Dare devil was my favorite but the second season was a disappointment for me. I'd put defenders next just because it had all the dudes kicking ass. I enjoyed iron fist series. Then, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. I haven't watch the punisher series yet so can't place it. Should be some more coming soon. Looking forward to it!
  14. Lol! Least he didn't tell him to never choke and woman. Too many freaks out there nowadays. Never felt comfortable doing that, but damn had too many women who want that during sex.
  15. Yeah, code, I think you'd like the exploring aspect of the game. There's times while leveling where you'll be doing a lot of exploring just to complete quests/find new quest hubs so think you'd like seeing that part of the game. Dungeons are hard and you'd have to make friends if you want to run them. I don't know how long you'd stick around and that's cool I understand, but classic wow has been a lot more fun, in my opinion, than current wow. Thats just one example. I was just feeling bad about not being around lately and wanted to drop a post to let you guys know I'm still around and all. The lightbringer pvp server has about 5-7k people on it right now. They're fixing to merge it with the pve server in June so that may increase the population another 1k people altogether. Yeah pretty excited about the classic server from blizzard just unsure if they're gonna make it old-school vanilla or cupcake wow like it is now. Anyway, I'll try to get on tonight if I get the time and talk to you more about it if you or others are interested. I'd be willing to level with some guys, too, just because the games more fun when playing with others. Conversely, you can level solo, too, it's just harder more grinding etc.

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