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It seems the multiplayer co-op is a pc-only mod. That bums me out since I have been playing Skyrim on my Xbox. 

Skyrim is my favorite single-player game and I have wasted hundreds of hours exploring all the different areas. There are still things I missed. With the 1000's of mods out there, you can really change the experience to become a completely different game. I've downloaded the survival mods where there is no fast travel and you can easily die from exhaustion or cold. I have been waiting for one mod called Organic factions, where certain AI factions within the game try to rally and control different areas. It aims to make the game much more lifelike as the AI can war each-other in a much more dynamic way than what is coded in the original vanilla game.


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Thanks for sharing. They are doing a pretty good job at syncing everything. Very playable in it's current state from the looks of it.

It's frustrating that Bethesda just never seems to go the multiplayer route in some of these games...Todd Howard admitted as much

"Believe it or not, every time we do a game we design a multiplayer mode just to see what we would do," Fallout 4 director Todd Howard told Mashable at E3 2015.

Howard and his team sit down and figure out what multiplayer might look like for the game they're working on. Pre-production is the best time to do that. Before anyone starts to do serious coding or content creation, concepts and mechanics are written down on paper and discussed. Multiplayer is always in the conversation at Bethesda.

"Then we go, 'Yup, we shouldn't do that. That's an awesome idea that is way too distracting from the main thing we want to do, which is single player,'" Howard said matter-of-factly. "I could see ways it would work, but development-wise, they're very different experiences."

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