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Just wow. I had about a five hour play session with the new update. If anyone else goes to try it, here are a few tips. We no longer need to assign our minions to mine or cut down trees, this is the automatic assignment for them once they reach adulthood. 

I didn't take advantage of this, but it looks like there is a random chance for a minion to get either a position or negative buff, and using god power you could have certain minions mate with one another. Mixing either a neutral minion with a positive buff, or (im guessing) mix two positive buffs together. 

I expanded a good bit around my starting area, and only seemed to run into issues when I tried upgrading my current structures to the next level. I want to say I rushed it. My thinking was that I would just be adding the upgrades to a build queue and they would be worked on one by one. - There is nothing to represent this, nor does it tell you est. time for completion, or if it's actually being worked on. 

Ill play a fresh game later tonight and this time I will focus on getting surplus food and water before I move on to the later structures. 

Farms and fishing seems to be the primary.. if not only way to get food. It's hard to say how efficient either of these are. For the farm, as long as my people were not starving I went after the crop that produced the most. (Note: I only had farms in grasslands). At its peak I had 2 active farms and 2 fishing docks, it doesn't look like either of these work in the winter and I couldn't find hunting as an option. 

When I start again i'm going to make a warehouse and as many fishing docks and farms as possible to make it through the winter. 

Also, they added something called Godmail, wicked funny. When I read the first mail it was to find someone's missing kid. I agreed to help them and pressed the green check mark which started a countdown. Because so much of this game is about adding things to a queue and waiting it out, I thought this system was the same and once approved it was going to happen automatically. Well, Nope! For this system we as the player need to go an make these 'wishes' happen.  Unfortunately I didn't realize this in time, and timmy had become dinner to a bear. 

I had a blast. One last note, I am not sure if I had reached the end of the playable game and that is why my civilization went to shit or if I took some wrong turns down the road. I died in the stonegate. 

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