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Black Desert Online


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Originally I was going to find a guild to join but with this many people I don't have any issues getting a guild for us.

So! We need guild names, what do ya got? We. Are. Warpigs
We will be playing on server Edan

The BDO Crew!

Guild Peeps Friends & Nick's
  • Ojore
  • Attackroot
  • coden1ke
  • Haboo
  • Lata
  • Syks
  • Awesome
  • Pithlitt
  • Kasanti
  • Alecto
  • Phat
  • Blood
  • Andora
  • Boom
  • Darth
  • Dragar (Likely)
  • Luke (Hopeful)
  • Rennoko (Hopeful)
  • Ojore's Nick
  • Lata's Nick
  • Handie
  • Bytor
  • Ryzed
  • Holy
  • Sobe
  • Balstan
  • Soren & Friends



Black Desert Bible v1.5 - Guides Collection (Updated Daily)

Black Desert Foundry Starter / Launch Guide
How to connect Nodes + How to get Knowledge with NPCs (GUIDE)
How to be a Merchant (Guide)
How to get Workers (GUIDE)
Inventory Expansion Quests

Playlist Video Selection

Biggest Issues with BDO

Both are cash shop related (MTX in game) dyes and customs are at a very high price. Around $25 - $30.

Clearing up misconceptions, how the game really works

Other Links
http://download-backup.bdo-templates.com/ Premade characters
https://www.blackdesertonline.com/preorder/ Preorder Page - Last Day 2/26
https://www.blackdesertonline.com/shop/preorder/namereservation Name reservation for preorders - Last Day 2/26
https://www.blackdesertonline.com/events/ccm/ - Standalone Character Creator Preorder not required (free for all) No Longer Available
http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/8038-pm-diary-22-cash-shop-and-more/ Cash Shop Information (Mileage = Omnibits)
http://bdobase.info/ Wiki (Have google translate)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2amVAUKAbY PETS
https://www.blackdesertonline.com/events/shop/CBT2ChargeCash.html?lang=ENso Funny Money for CBT2 - CBT Over

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About us

Warpigs is a semi-hardcore multi game community, for both MMOs and other genres. Our core, which has largely remained the same, started back in 2014. Warpigs first got started in Wildstar and has since branched out to several other game including, Black Desert Online, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm as some of our most active games. We also have a strong internal following for both Dauntless and Ashes of Creation.

Warpigs function as a tight knit family-esque guild, which is not to say that our conversations are G-rated. Quite the opposite, but when you're one of us, we've got your back. Words fly pretty freely, and I'm always of the opinion that if you play an MMO, or any game with a social player base, you need thick skin and know not to take things personally. With that being said, we are a well organised and have a fairly mature membership, and as such we offer a very stable guild that we hope will be here for many more years to come.

Warpigs are dedicated to a friendly, team focused, fun-loving gaming environment where every member is important and not just a number on a roster. We seek to foster long term friendships among members and enhance the online gaming experience by virtue of those friendships.

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