Joining Warpigs Is Simple:

    While we are open to having anybody in our community we do look for people who will be active in the community. We understand people do have reasons to take a leave of absence but we do ask for communication and at least make a topic in the members section if something in real life has come up and you need to take care of it. Real life will always have priority in all situations, we simply ask to just fill us in if you need to be away for awhile and so forth. You do not need to go into detail on the situation, just give us a heads up that's all in the members section.


    Requirements To Be Accepted As An Official Warpigs Member:

    We are glad that you have chosen Warpigs as a place to stay and we will be looking over your application and will get back to you shortly with your status in the auto generated thread your application will make. We do require new recruits to do a few things not only to prove they plan on participating and being active but it also gives everyone in a community a chance to meet and greet you as a person as well. While we are a laid back community we do ask for participation. It doesn't have to be 24/7 within the community, but participation is what makes this community grow and brings members together.

    Our Membership Process

    Our condensed step-by-step process for becoming a member of Warpigs :

    1) Register an account.

    2) Complete a membership application.

    3) Your application will be reviewed by and discussed among our recruiting team which is comprised of our officers and veterans. This could take a few days depending on our real-life and/or gaming schedule(s). We appreciate your patience.

    4) A successful trial results in official guild membership and full website access.


    Any Questions? - Check out our FAQ