• Frequently asked Questions


    What do I need to say in my Introduction post?


    This can be anything really. Just say hi, who you are, how you found us or even just a general whats up. It does not need to be overly complicated. We are a gaming community and more so a family. It's would be like walking into someone's house and just shaking a few hands just letting people know who you are and so forth. You can always just say "Hi, my name is Bob or Susan and I play Hello Kitty Island Adventure!". Seriously, dont overthink it.

    Do I Have To Fill Out A Application?


    Yes. This is mainly so we can keep track of who is coming in, what game you are joining us for and how you found us. This lets us know what areas of gaming are doing well and what avenues members are finding us through.

    No One Is Replying To My Application?


    All personal replies and such will be made on your introduction post, not your application. Your application is simply that, your app. It's just there for the recruitment department themselves and they will be the only ones relying on it for the most part. The community itself will be more focused on your introduction since that's where you are saying hi to everyone, not your app.

    Comms (Discord / Teamspeak) - Just A General Overview Of Basic Concerns


    We are aware that some people are simply not comfortable using their actual voice to talk and may be shy or wary of strangers you are meeting on the internet for the first time but please do not let that discourage you. Just read below and you will find we are very relaxed when dealing with issues like those within our community.

    You can download Teamspeak here: Download Teamspeak
    Our Teamspeak Server Info: ts3.warpigs-online.com
    Discord Server is: 

    We do ask that you join Teamspeak as it does promote a fun environment while you are gaming.

    Am I Forced To Wear Warpigs Tags?


    No. Most games now days will add a guild tag to your name upon joining the guild in game so this has largely become a non issue. In games where you can choose the tag in front of your name, while we would like to see the Warpigs tag on all of our members - we still have control over our E-Peen so member are able to have whatever tag they desire.

    Can I Be In Warpigs And Another Community?


    Yes. If you are going to be part of a our community then we would like you to be with us completely, but if Warpigs does not support the game you want to join another community for then yes, you can.

    Am I in Warpigs Since I Am Part Of...?


    All member of any games chapter is required to sign up on our website to be considered a member of Warpigs. Even if you were recruited in-game and already belong to a roster you absolutely must sign up on the website.

    Have A Question But Its Not Listed Here?


    Please then feel free to message anyone on the recruitment staff with any of your worries or concerns or simply make a post in the recruitment section with anything you may need answered.


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