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High Primes/Prime progression

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I kinda want to start farming some higher prime dungeons for Essences and better gear. Now I have been told/seen the roll up rate to be somewhere around ~20%-25%, and for optimism used 25% as the default rate. Now for example, if we run a p9 KV/STL, the base level gear that drops is 125, so we have a ~25% chance of getting a ilvl 130 weapon, a ~5.5% chance of getting a ilvl 135 weapon and like a ~1% chance of a ilvl 140 (and ~0.2% of a damn 145 weapon omg!). So for those of us who still have weapons that are less than 130, we should be doing this to better ourselves!

From my understanding the following dungeons drop the following dps weapons:

KV: Psiblade, Resos, Heavy gun

SC: Claws, Pistols, sword


So I think we should be getting groups together and progressing up to the higher primes and start trying to farm them to get everyone better weapons and hella ton of essences (Especially this first week or two of June when we get an EXTRA 50% essences from the anniversary event!). We have a couple guys in the guild who have very high heroism that might be nice enough to help out too ;) . Now I think it would be easiest to communicate on the forums here since we can see it on any internet device and plan ahead of time instead of waiting for each other to get online. SO with that said, comment below and lets get some groups going and farming up these essences guys! and +130 weapons! (Maybe even an ilv 150 B|)


*Dirtay you can just ignore this, I know you don't like math, so just believe me ok thanks!


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