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Hey Everyone,

Who is possibly going to get Classic WOW? A few of attack and myself's old guildmates ask me today if I was going to come back for classic wow and I am strongly considering it. If you are thinking about playing please let us know. I would love to have a casual warpigs guild if we have enough ppl interested in playing.


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I am defiantly game, not that I am over the moon to be playing such an old game. I would like to see some of the sites and what not. 

Initially, I figured I would just be running around naked while I explore and die, but if there is a small hand full of friends enjoying the game I would be happy to keep playing. 

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Hey Ojore! I'm definitely playing classic wow when it comes out. I know of quite a few others from the battlenet warpig forum that are interested in playing as well. And yeah I'm definitely gonna be playing very casually as well so yeah man sign me up! Hope you guys are good! Haven't had time to do anything lately! It's almost August though and I'm going nuts with spreadsheets, character names, and other crazy stuff lol. Can't wait! Classic fever boys!



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Well perfect, it looks like there is a pretty good amount of ppl. When we get closer we can try to setup what server, etc. if others are looking to play still let us know.


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So they released the server names and types here: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/wow-classic-realm-names-and-types/246645

My thoughts on a server is I'd like to stick to the Eastern timezone because if I decide to raid I'll have people who raid at decent times. I assume everyone wants to play on a pvp server. Don't really have an opinion on rolling on a streamer server or not. Other than that, I'm game for whatever you guys want to do.

Also, Blizzard is extending it's classic stress test to Monday 9AM PST for all who have active subscriptions. I re-subbed for the name reservation for the 12th anyhow so having a blast playing right now! 

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I posted this on discord and battle.net but Do we want to move from Thalnos to Faerlina instead or stick with Thalnos? I only ask because per the google doc that shows the demeographic the ratio of alliance vs horde is pretty uneven and it looks like there is going to be a lot of portugese population?

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