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Rend - early access today on Steam!!! here is info on it

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Hey Everyone,

I am finally excited about a game that I can play a lot of!!! This game has so much depth in crafting and building but also a big PVE aspect in survival game not just PVP something Dark and Light was trying to do! So I wanted to show a few new videos about the game, I also got to play the last couple of days that got me hyped! The game is only $30 and all 3 co-founders of the game all worked on Wildstar just sayin.

The game consist of 3 factions to choose from (revenant, order and conclave), unlike other survival games (ark, dark and light, etc.) there are classes to choose from (assassin, pathfinder, warlord and shaman) which all 3 have completely different skills trees. You choose 2 of the 4 as archtypes to skill up or put points into very similar to WOW (I won't go too into this because that would take forever), you also have level up items such as when you use your weapon, gathering, etc. for example at lvl 5 of gathering wood you then have a choice between 2 bonus stats that can be extremely important such as gain more leather when skinning, etc (be careful though you can never change the choice you make). While gathering, skinning, etc. you also get sparks, these are used to help your faction research; this helps build, get new weapon crafts, etc. (this is very in depth and a ton of items to research). Last there are ascension points that you earn just by gathering, combat and building these points can be used for extra bonuses such as increased health, gaining more xp, increase weight and also there are some character creation hair styles, etc. that you can unlock as well. Now the exciting part is the PVE; usually in like ARK you have just creatures you have to watch out for in the wild and there is no exception in this game as well BUT in this game your main faction base has a shield around it and cannot be attacked except for 2 times a week the shields go down and a horde of npc monsters attack to kill your factions divinity stone if you defend them off then the next rapture the NPC increase in difficulty, this will happen over and over again and get harder and harder until your faction dies or your faction collects enough souls to fill the tree and you win. On top of that after every rapture the shields take time to recharge and allows the other factions to attack the base until the shields get fully charged. There is also taming all the creatures in the world just like ARK it is a little more complicated to do though again I won't get into that right now. 

Here is the first video pretty long but to give a little back story on the first video; your faction only has 1 of 3 metal resources that are needed (tin, copper and flux) so you will need to go to the other faction sides to get the other 2 resources which could spark some PVP. There is one other way to get the other resources and I can go over that in the game. CODE do not watch the first 6 min and I think there is one more time at like 28 - 30 min I am warning you ahead of time haha.

The next 2 videos are some well done beginner videos that I think could really help from Death Proxy

And that is it for now, The early access is live as of 10am PST (1pm EST) I will be getting it as soon as I get home from work. Last each faction only holds a certain amount of players per faction so if we want to play together depending on how many we have we will need to coordinate the server and faction all at once so we make sure we all can get in. I am going to go Revanent (purple) that is what I played in alpha and most familiar with. I hope you all join me!


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ya once i get home ill be getting on and buying this and playing it. i been watch streams and i like how the game looks and how the combat feels. itll be about figuring out what class ill choose to play now.

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Nice i just bought it but wow the servers are packed on official servers, we will need a head count and really figure out what server altogether. If possible everyone get on TS to discuss this when you get home if you are going to join.


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