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Death of a Game: Wildstar

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Not the best reasoning for it all and need more research but fine.

My Comment on the video:

The main problem Wildstar had was optimization and the idea people really don't want 40 man raids, plus roster boss. As you stated, Wildstar runs like shit. It didn't matter what your rig was. Lucky to get sold 30 fps doing anything with more then 5 people. Bugs all over the place. Wildstar needed 6 month to a year more to polish it self. Now with 40 man raids. The reason I say people really didn't want 40 man raiding is because people really didn't try to get obtain it or truthfully didn't have the ability too. Many couldn't finish getting Silver's for Attunement. Only 7 people out of 20 plus could complete it from my first guild, from what I can remember. Which cut many guilds apart from who could complete the content and who couldn't. Which how I view it, should be. Because of this people left Wildstar or waited till Attunement got changed or carried through content. So many guilds had to fight the roster boss before never stepping into GA or DS. Hell all most every boss kill we had was with 17 to 19 people. Plus most of the raiding player base was still in GA or just getting into DS, when hardcore raiding guilds were running DS for sometime. And in the end only two guilds completed 40 man DS. Well that's my two cents, Wildstar was hell from perfect and I love the game. I would buy Wildstar 2 right now if I could.

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I watched this yesterday and found it to be pretty entertaining. Not to nitpick the video but I believe there was too much focus on the 40 main raid. While it was undoubtedly a buy point for some people, this was experienced by very few people and I do not believe removing this had too large of an impact on the player base. 

Also the video makes it sound like housing as a whole was not introduced until late in the games life. I believe he means, and it would be more accurate to say, community housing was released later in the games life. 


All and all, I agree with you Haboo. I believe a lot of the issues concerning us players were the bugs and the lack of polish. I would also buy Wildstar again if it was an option. 

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I haven't watched the video yet as I'm enjoying a chill day off at the pool with gf but I'll add my two cents. Recently, over the past 6+ months, I've been really bored with gaming in general and also busy with real life stuff. That being said, relating to wildstar, the game was truly one of the best experiences I've had in my long gaming lifetime. The closest thing to another MMO experience would have been WOW. Wildstar gave me a lot of the similar experiences I had in wow: making friends, being pissed off at people in the guild, good release from everyday life, challenging content both group and solo, etc. Dispite what most people's opinions are of wildstar, I loved everything about it and would buy it again if only to hang with you guys more. I still go back and watch some of the videos from time to time that code uploaded on his YouTube channel just for nostalgia. Even though the game had a ton of bugs, poor performance, and horrible developmental issues I'd still play it again at the level I did provided I had the time to do so. My experiences throughout wildstar, and other MMOs are one of the reasons I'm so hooked on vanilla wow since it wasn't something I ever experienced since I came into WOW at the tail end of vanilla BC expansions. Wildstar will always have a special place in my heart, but I doubt I'll see a game with that devotion to real MMO experience as most I see now are poorly implemented, rushed for cash cow developerment, and/or lacks the same interest as the previous games I've played had. Again, just my two cents. Gotta go gf giving me that I'm gonna beat your ass look if you don't get off the phone lol! Peace out boys!

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