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  1. Found this video on youtube that boom made a while back. Im just glad im actually in a video now
  2. The hype is so real right now, I can't wait!
  3. So I started my own twitch channel, mainly just me and some friends playing some games (Overwatch, Borderlands 2, soontobe Bless online).
  4. I've been watching vids on this for 1-3 years now so i'm excited its coming to NA.
  5. Pew

    Bless Online

    This new info has me more hyped for this game. Can't wait to start playing it next month!
  6. I've been playing this game off/on for a good 8-10+ years as I enjoy the style and combat. It has a "fatigue" system that some don't like but can supplement that with making a ton of toons. Their are 15 base classes that can advance into many different sub-classes, all with wildly different play styles. Best of all it's FREE. <------- For end-game class gameplay
  7. Going out with the fam for dinner tonight, might be late for raid
  8. Excited to be getting back into this game :3
  9. My cousin and her husband came in a day early (today) so I might not be able to make raid tonight as well as Sunday
  10. Pew


    IGN: Pew Tatos Are you signing up for any particular game? Wildstar What is your favorite color? Blue Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer? Both Tell us about your gaming history. Ive been a healer main in mmos for the past 10-12 years or so, starting with WoW with my two brothers. Ive been playing wildstar off/on since closed beta and have mained both esper/slinger heals. I cleared both GA/DS and am currently 2/7 RMT.