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  1. Ojore

    Classic Wow

    I posted this on discord and battle.net but Do we want to move from Thalnos to Faerlina instead or stick with Thalnos? I only ask because per the google doc that shows the demeographic the ratio of alliance vs horde is pretty uneven and it looks like there is going to be a lot of portugese population?
  2. Ojore

    Project BBQ

    Hey Everyone, So I was introduced by Dawn (you might not know Dawn yet he is fairly new to our group) a new game in production that looks really good. it is called project BBQ, it looks like it might be an action combat 3D dungeon crawler, they are stating it is an MMORPG but check out this video review it's worth the watch; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9OJI8ir8hs Oj
  3. Ojore

    Classic Wow

    Well perfect, it looks like there is a pretty good amount of ppl. When we get closer we can try to setup what server, etc. if others are looking to play still let us know. Oj
  4. Ojore

    Classic Wow

    Hey Everyone, Who is possibly going to get Classic WOW? A few of attack and myself's old guildmates ask me today if I was going to come back for classic wow and I am strongly considering it. If you are thinking about playing please let us know. I would love to have a casual warpigs guild if we have enough ppl interested in playing. OJ
  5. Hey Everyone, I've been diving into crowfall a lot lately, especially the crafting. Crafting is a huge part of this game if you don't have good crafters making high lvl gear weapons and Vessels(vessels are higher quality bodies) you will not be very competitive. It's very similar to Eve online crafting with how proficient you are when crafting items, for example once you get to advanced crafts it isn't just the higher quality mats that create good gear, weapons, etc(also you have to make items piece by piece) but also there is profession training that gets say a blacksmith to be more proficient. I didn't understand the whole concept until last night when I found this really good guide that explains it better(link will be added to bottom of post). On top of that there are a massive amount of different stats in the game (example, AP, SP, crit hit, crit hit damage, lifesteal, armor pen (6 - 8 different types of armor pen), slashing damage, crushing damage, mitigations of all kinds, the list goes on and on) so putting different mats together for items also creates different types of stats when crafting. There is sooo much to it any hard core crafter is going to be in heaven (I think). So to help with understanding how crafting works, what combination of mats does what and how the profession tree works I found these 3 links. If you are interested in the game or just crafting take a look at them it will really help you. (oh also gatherers have the same type of challenge as the crafters so they are going to also be needed) https://bookofyaga.com/guides/beginner-crafting-guide https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vQyzf-_8hodhY2-wY9U1_bMzqqwAR9B69ZDovDi-HYij3VH7Jt8Bjho6xidOjQCGfANpvkvyH53IXdg/pubhtml# https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DOM_0h8htzzUpddGnjfM765uEtm2UwCa5XdUajUiaIc/edit#gid=0 Enjoy! OJ
  6. Hey Everyone, Whoever plays atlas I will be in discord for coms so join me in Oj's hideout channel if you end up getting the game or if you just want to join me. Oj
  7. Ojore

    ATLAS Roster

    So they haven't talked about it but I'm assuming it is like Ark so I vaguely remember how to do it, I remember you would hold down on key and a wheel would pop up and one of the choices was create a tribe. That is how you would do it, I'm going to try and be home early enough to also race to get in. So whoever gets in first we will need to have create it first thing.
  8. Ojore

    ATLAS Roster

    I'm not sure if I ever met you, I apologies if I did and don't remember but I'm glad to have you with us! Based on the timer on the atlas website it looks like it won't actually be up until 3pm pst/6pm east coast and then we most likely can start downloading at that time, so it might not be till Thur when we all can really start playing depending on who all needs to work Thurs and how long the download takes. On that note everyone should check to see if we can buy and download in the morning while we are at work so we don't need to wait later, but even so expect us not to be doing much the night of release especially if there are game crashes, etc like every other game that launches. Oj
  9. Ojore

    ATLAS Roster

    Haboo, Falkirk and Dirtay if you can let us know what you are thinking of if/when you will be joining? We are just trying to figure out who we are wanting to wait for before we go out exploring to find the area we want to call home in the beginning
  10. Ojore

    Atlas - breakdown

    Hey everyone, So this game might have more than we were thinking than just a survival game yes I'm hyped for the game but if your on the fence here is video that has a breakdown of what it could look like for building and how leveling skills could be in the game. It is speculation but based on the official screenshots with homes, forts shown off so far and by what the steam page breakdowns what should be in the game. also in the next 2 days we are suppose to get a 3 min official video explaining more about the game play, I will post that once I see it but here is the unofficial breakdown of what could be in the game.
  11. Yes there will be base building and boat building. There will be 700 unique islands per the articles and just like ark you can build your forts/bases. Per articles each area will have different resources so to get those resources you will need to travel to get them. As far as wind yes your sails have to get wind to move forward so it might make getting home challenging, also the map is supposed to be so big going from one side of the map to the other could take a long time even if there wasn't any wind requirements. There will be safe ports so I'm assuming if you want to log off because you can't get home you will need to find a safe port and dock there kinda like eve. I can see like eve that there will be territories that are owned by certain groups that will be aggressive so you will need to cautious and then if you're part of a large alliance you will have areas that are protected. The game will have a governing feature that will allow a group to own an island or territory and that can be taken away from other groups so very similar I think to eve, but this feature will not be in the game at launch per articles I have read. But the more I think of it, if the map is large enough I can see the game being very similar with eve on wars against corporations/alliances which I think would be fun. Of course it all depends on how the game plays and how many ppl actually play in the server. You also need to make gold for various reasons from what I can read so you also need to treasure hunt which is pve oriented like sea of thieves and it looks like the mobs you have to fight are not a cake walk but we will see. Also there will be random skeleton pirate ships that pop out while sailing (again like sea of thieves) that you can kill and get rewards including saving NPC's that you can then employee to fight with you. I almost think of that like pve stuff in eve. There will be harder mobs to fight also like mini bosses the article about the 5 headed hydra was pretty interesting, each head has a different attack causing different affects and you have to kill each head individually. It won't die until all heads are destroyed, so you most likely have to be strategic on which head to kill first and if it takes to long to kill each head the heads can grow back. But it will still be a survival game so you need to make sure you have water and food to survive as well. For a survival game with mmorpg parts it seems like it could have a lot to do even at launch so I'm pretty excited. Oj
  12. For anyone that wasn't in TS today Dirtay and I was looking at new survival/MMO (supposedly mmorpg). It's made by the company and ppl that made ARK, of course that means I'm concerned with optimization but overall I had a lot of fun and ton of hours with that game. This game is pirate themed and it is supposed to be WAY more massive than ARK. It is supposed to be 1200 times larger of a map than ARK and 40K - 50K players on one server. It hits early access on steam on Dec 13 (next week) it will cost $30. Dirtay, his friend and myself are all most likely getting it (I might be a day late) but it looks really interesting here is a pcgamer article on it and trailer https://www.pcgamer.com/atlas-mmo/
  13. Ojore

    Check out Spellbreak

    This looks good! I'm not a huge fan of battle royal but this looks like a ton of fun. I just signed up to try and get in beta you can do that at https://playspellbreak.com/ very bottom of page. You can also do a survey (not much of a survey though), they really just ask for discord info, etc. but it is supposed to give you a better chance of gaining alpha/beta access.
  14. Hey Everyone, I follow this youtube channel a lot I think he explains things really well, but here is the trailer and his breakdown;

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