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  1. Good times for sure, shame that a difficult PVE game is not likely to survive the market again.
  2. Rennoko

    Server Upgrade

    Looks good Code, thanks
  3. Rennoko

    Server Upgrade

    Code, son trying to get on the server, says its not finding it anymore, did you guys change up the address?
  4. Back on Sunday Raid
  5. Rennoko


    I am going to need to update my avatar to a cinder block. I don't feel like my current picture adequately captures my contained rage.
  6. Rennoko


    Requires an introduction
  7. My son fussed st me about not having access at 7am so I need access too.... hopefully someone remembers my username. - Watson888 UUID: 4b24c670-d086-47e8-a5bf-9da477d2aedc