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  1. *Disclaimer, small edits will be made to the logo.
  2. The remain Wildstar team put together a World Story detailing what would have been the concluding adventures up to the release of Dursera followed by what would have come next. I think it is fantastic and wish even more for another studio or just the player base to pick up and continue Wildstar. Give the story a read at the link below, you will not be disappointed.
  3. Hey all, A few of us are looking to get together for a farewell run. We are aiming for the date of Nov. 15 (Thursday). Nothing huge in mind other then a few dungeon runs, a GA if we have enough people. The game itself shuts down on Nov. 28th. We expect there to be some sort of dev run events, similar to what went on the last day of beta (reference video below). With the holiday fast approaching I think the week of the 15th would be our best bet to get a good handful of the group back together. - I imagine a few of you will need to reinstall the game if joining in for the shenanigans. Please let me know if you are able to make it, ill keep this post updated with the names that I hear back from.
  5. Styx


    Hi all, I am Styx. I am mostly a lurker and test all of codenike's stuff. What has everyone been up to?