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  1. Attackroot

    Classic Wow

    SERVER UPDATE ---- Will now be on Herod!!
  2. alot of water content. but land as well. itll be interesting to see everything there will be.
  3. so when we doing the professional team
  4. @coden1ke lets use these settings and well make adjustments as we good for certain things. that way we can get some testing in on the settings we are use to from the last server.
  5. true i agree. i don't want S+ because of the issues. so which settings u want to tweak?
  6. haboo are these still the settings we want for the new map?
  7. Beta 1 is happening! count down to servers open! https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20180731T12&p0=263&font=cursive&csz=1
  8. hopefully we can figure out a logo soon, i want t-shirts! lol
  9. ya once i get home ill be getting on and buying this and playing it. i been watch streams and i like how the game looks and how the combat feels. itll be about figuring out what class ill choose to play now.
  10. Ark: Extinction is the name. the trailers release trailer looks cool. there some things in this video that i like. and want to see for myself.
  11. lol another one following in Over Watch's footsteps
  12. So they ended up wiping 95% of the mega tribes and the tribes that had ties to them (tribe alliances). Bans were given out as well, but most of them have already made new accounts and bought everything and are playing again.. some people already had hidden accounts that were small tribes in servers the main tribes were in that they traded eggs off to and had them in storage. as well as other items and structures. 2 of the top Mega tribes got wiped, but within the week already rebuilt, got some of the best dinos and are already able to defend there bases from large scale attacks. Other mega tribes are doing well just not as powerful as them 2. been watching alot of streams while i can at work, ive seen some devs fly across the screen ghosting in and out of buildings checking the tribes as they are playing... seems they are gonna keep a close eye on them (for now anyway) and try to help make the game a little better. Watched 1 stream cant remember they guys name but the title was Rebuilding after wipe.. He stated they been online for maybe 3 hours, and already had the server full of just their people, and where building and farming like crazy... they already had a couple max breed dinos to get meat while they raised the rest of them... he had about 40 rexs, 20 gigas, 15 quetzal, 20 brontos, 10 griffons, and etc. all being raised at once... its amazing to see how fast and prepared these people are for when the tribe wipes happen. and thats just on 1 server.. they mention a second server doing the same aswell.
  13. also this is the map we were playing the scenario on.
  14. I've finally been able to get in on some tests. They werent test where i could mess with the ability building and other functions. it was mainly tests for the Scenarios. which was all 3 realms vs each other taking points and gathering resources before the time limit went out. got to see how the NPC guards that spawned and how the moved and how their combat was, also go to kill a couple of developers and get killed by them. we had like 200 people in the test. granted i didnt have them all on the same screen at the same time... but i did have quite a few and didnt see any lag or frame drops. Some of the generic abilities they gave us were alright. i did only tried out the Vikings - Winter Shadow (archery) tho. but again its not a complete build with all the abilities. the movement was nice, the shooting while moving felt good as well. Hopefully ill be able to get in and test some of the other classes. but they only have 3 active for each realm atm.
  15. well i completed my placement matches and had to report people from throwing on 4 of the games... was only able to win 4 of them i think. just under 2k rating. i need to play more.

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