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  1. Lata

    Sleak looking UI

    Dauntless is updating they loadout screen. Looks sharp
  2. Single player, open-world survival game set in an alien ocean. *if downloaded through the Epic Games launcher
  3. with cross play between them!
  4. Lata

    Two fish are in a tank

    One says "You man the gun, I'll drive"
  5. Lata

    Tabletop 50% off

    If anyone has been thinking about it, Tabletop Simulator is half off.
  6. Lata

    Chua in Overwatch

    It is everything I dreamed about, while simultaneously being something I could never dream of.
  7. He has a few more neat puppets on his channel. Almost all glow in the dark.
  8. Lata

    Warpigs Logo Mega Thread

    Personal taste. Always liked MH style
  9. Lata

    It Has Happened!!!

    Why stop at walking?
  10. 3x seem good for taming, a giga lv150 at 3x taming takes about 3.5 hours on raw meat and that is about the limit I would be willing to goto. Babies I have not experience in but again 3 hours is about my limit. I am also fine with default harvesting if the server is mainly pve.
  11. Lata

    D&D Player's Handbook

    Here is some character sheets, if anyone wanted to make theirs prior to Tuesday 5E_CHARACTERSHEETSV3.ZIP
  12. Lata

    Dungeons & Dragons - Signup

    I'm free pretty much any night on Weekdays
  13. Lata

    Late 10-19

    Wont be able to get home till midnight