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  1. I cant believe I never added mine. SW-2511-3958-1213
  2. A look at Unreal Engine 5
  3. This video landed on my youtube recommended watch list and here I go passing to on. A developer for a new game called Lucen goes over his progress using the unreal engine for the development of his project.
  4. Follow up video from TheLazyPeon
  5. I am not a huge fan of the MMOByte channel, but the channel did put out a good overview of the game Blue Protocol I would recommend anyone interested watch.
  6. Private Server Signup: https://ws-test.kirmm.in/ Wildstar Client Download: https://files.arctium.io/s/jA997HdP6Syeyaa In Game Commands: https://github.com/NexusForever/NexusForever/wiki/List-of-In-Game-Commands Bags: https://www.reddit.com/r/WildStar/comments/2e620g/the_one_bag_a_mini_guide_to_maximizing_your/ FabKits: http://www.jabbithole.com/search?q=FABkit Map Coordinates: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1E_dh3Ie_1W7hLA-tWui04STghm2JrkL8_2gb0DSWJLM/edit#gid=389939269 Mount IDs: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1W4_KdeIHPMiLAQh4XvAirInlhl-b0KMvonGaDQUie_E/edit#gid=0 Item Database: http://www.jabbithole.com/
  7. coden1ke

    RTX Beta

    The RTX Beta for Minecraft launched today. - This is only for Minecraft Windows 10 Edition. If you would like Raytracying features in Java Edition you will need to use Optifine with a supporting shader pack. Check the link below for the Official announcement for the RTX Beta and the second link down provides instructions on how to get access to the beta. https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/minecraft-rtx-windows-10-now-beta https://www.windowscentral.com/minecraft-rtx-ray-tracing-beta
  8. Minecraft Server 1.15 is now online! With the next version 1.16 already been announced as the Nether Update this 1.15 world will span until, at least version 1.17. Once the Nether Update has been released the 1.15 nether world files will be deleted to allow for the new nether generation to take place. - This is all based on the assumption that the over-worlds generation will not be affected. Version 1.15 brings the new honey bee mob into the game as well as some quality of life features. Check out the feature overview below. Patch Overview: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Java_Edition_1.15 Update Overview: If you have not yet played on once of our servers but would like to join, please follow the instructions found here: Connection info: Warpigs-Community.com:25566 Web Map: www.warpigs-community.com:8123
  9. https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/posts/360052290431-Piglin-warpig?page=1#community_comment_360007879532
  10. Minecraft 1.16 has been announced to be the nether update. Along with many biome changes we will see the introduction of a new pig type mob for the nether. Currently this new mob is being referred to as the Piglin but new names are being accepted. To cast our vote for the new name head over to the following link: https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/topics/360001390112# I am happy to see more pig life! Vote for Warpigs!
  11. *** Sever Stalagg *** World of Warcraft Classic releases tomorrow night (Monday, 8/26) at 6:00 EST. Since our last "Warpigs breaking News!" we have decided our home server will be Stalagg - a PvP EST server. We fully expect all servers to be full for sometime and while other servers will be made available, we will be doing our best to stick with Stalagg. As a recap on this venture, Warpigs are going into Classic WoW for casual play. We are looking to enjoy the low poly count and getting our butts kicked in dungeon content. If we get to max level and still have good vibes we may look into taking on the raid content, but we are going to take it one step at a time. We hope to see many familiar names, if not with us, then on the battlefield. Please check back here and on our discord for the most to date information Discord: https://discord.gg/q7PfeNG And lets not forget our lovely Teamspeak server ts3.warpigs-community.com
  12. Moved ATLAS, Black Desert Online, and Eve Online from Active Chapters to Games Category. Created World of Warcraft Classic subforum. Added Crowfall, Dauntless, and World of Warcraft Classic subforum, into Active Chapters Category. Removed zebra striping from the forums list. Changed Footer from full width to match the body size
  13. This thread will serve as a record for updates to the community website.
  14. coden1ke

    Classic Wow

    Whoa, people use that Warpigs chat?!?!?
  15. coden1ke

    Classic Wow

    I am defiantly game, not that I am over the moon to be playing such an old game. I would like to see some of the sites and what not. Initially, I figured I would just be running around naked while I explore and die, but if there is a small hand full of friends enjoying the game I would be happy to keep playing.
  16. You can sign up for Minecraft Earth. The newly announced Minecraft Augmented Reality game. Sign up at the following link: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/earth After signing up you will get a Minecraft Earth Skins added to your account.
  17. This thread will be constantly updated with the most update information regarding our active Minecraft community servers. Active Servers: Paper 1.15 (PaperMC) - Warpigs-Community.com:25565 To gain access to any of the minecraft servers please visit the 'Request Access to Server' thread: For information on how to add a shader mod to improve look of Minecraft, please see the 'Make Minecraft Look Good, Again' thread:

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Warpigs is a semi-hardcore multi game community, for both MMOs and other genres. Our core, which has largely remained the same, started back in 2014. Warpigs first got started in Wildstar and has since branched out to several other game including, Black Desert Online, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm as some of our most active games. We also have a strong internal following for both Dauntless and Ashes of Creation.

Warpigs function as a tight knit family-esque guild, which is not to say that our conversations are G-rated. Quite the opposite, but when you're one of us, we've got your back. Words fly pretty freely, and I'm always of the opinion that if you play an MMO, or any game with a social player base, you need thick skin and know not to take things personally. With that being said, we are a well organised and have a fairly mature membership, and as such we offer a very stable guild that we hope will be here for many more years to come.

Warpigs are dedicated to a friendly, team focused, fun-loving gaming environment where every member is important and not just a number on a roster. We seek to foster long term friendships among members and enhance the online gaming experience by virtue of those friendships.