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  1. You can sign up for Minecraft Earth. The newly announced Minecraft Augmented Reality game. Sign up at the following link: After signing up you will get a Minecraft Earth Skins added to your account.
  2. This thread will be constantly updated with the most update information regarding our active Minecraft community servers. Active Servers: Paper 1.14.1 (PaperMC) - To gain access to any of the minecraft servers please visit the 'Request Access to Server' thread: For information on how to add a shader mod to improve look of Minecraft, please see the 'Make Minecraft Look Good, Again' thread:
  3. Our Minecraft Server 1.14 is Live! Once mods become available we will be running a papermc server. (We moved from Spigot to Papermc during MC 1.13). For now the MC server is strictly vanilla. In this server iteration we have added a world border to contain our exploration in hopes of being able to use this same server again for future updates, in which the world border will be expanded. For friends to join us in the server, all we need is their Minecraft UUID posted: Connection info: Web Map: - Once Available
  4. Here are links to various different spreadsheets for Crowfall resources. Crafting Sheet Gems Sheet Philosophy Solution Sacrifice List Cooking Recipes Other Resources Group Harvesting
  5. Stoneborn Wood-Elf Human Nethari Half-Giant High-Elf Guinecean Half-Elf Centaur Fae Minotaur Elken
  6. Warpigs is starting the ramp up for Crowfall. At the moment (and for the foreseeable future) you can find us over on the Chaos faction. There was a handful of us that picked up the game back when it was a kickstarter, those of us that did are now jumping in to learn the ropes of Crowfall. This past January Crowfall reached a point in its development cycle that really shows (unlike other games we are following) the game starting to take shape. Combat largely feels good, crafting has both depth and meaning (weird, right?), PvP looks to have meaning, and lets not forget the housing. Jumping into Crowfall at this moment feels reminiscent of the build up for Wildstar we had way back when. There is a handful of us that are in learning the game and all it has to offer now. And of course we will be posting more information and guides for the game as we learn it and as the game continues through the rest of its development cycle. Below is our current roster, please post to this thread with any updates and I will ensure to keep this top section up-to-date with that info. Information regarding classes and crafting professions will be kept here. Attackroot coden1ke Falkirk Ha'boo Ojore Ryzed
  7. Fingers Crossed - 9:00 AM Wednesday, 26. (Tomorrow)