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Blue Protocol
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Wildstar Farewell Run
Hey all, 

A few of us are looking to get together for a farewell run. We are aiming for the date of Nov. 15 (Thursday). 
Nothing huge in mind other then a few dungeon runs, a GA if we have enough people. 

The game itself shuts down on Nov. 28th. We expect there to be some sort of dev run events, similar to what went on the last day of beta (reference video below). 
With the holiday fast approaching I think the week of the 15th would be our best bet to get a good handful of the group back together. - I imagine a few of you will need to reinstall the game if joining in for the shenanigans. 

Please let me know if you are able to make it, ill keep this post updated with the names that I hear back from. 


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Vote & Comment on Warpig Logo Designs
Hey all, 

Please vote and comment on the logo designs seen here: https://99designs.com/logo-design/contests/game-community-warpigs-logo-864309/poll/05b924562f/vote?utm_source=voting_app&utm_medium=web&utm_campaign=voting   

None of these are final product. All comments will be compiled into a list and present to each designer for their respective logo to be iterated upon. After three days of this iteration we will have a new poll to vote on the final product. 

Please pass the link around, I would like to read from as many people as possible. 
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PixARK: Found out what happened to CubeWorld.
ARK with a Minecraft/Cubeworld skin. Really milking the IP out of this one. Early Access Date: Mar 27th Midnight PST

Same people who develop Dark and Light. Appears to have same systems as ARK for Taming and Building but with Voxels. Also, the magic and world building elements from Dark and Light.

I'll pick it up, if it is priced well for early access.  

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/593600/PixARK/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvJt3cav_RJGK3J0Ot9tF2g/videos



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RavenCoin - Could this be our shining star!
So everyone that has been listening to me about mining knows that I really am excited about raven coin, with it now on the the largest exchange in Crypto (Binance) and one of the largest exchanges Bittrex it already should excite you a little but I've preached that this coin has a crazy amount of support working on the backend of the coin. Maybe as much or more support than Bitcoin itself when looking at the beginning stages of BTC but here is a median post that should get you more excited. It doesn't even share everything going on in the background but just read it.

I would hold your coins as long as possible but if you are able to mine more even if it is only a few a day I would suggest you do it, think of if you mined BTC when it was in it's early stages this could be as big if the code of the project proves to do and be what they claim (I don't see any reason not to believe it though). Last point before I post the article some are scared by the amount of coins that can be mined or total supply and it is a ton compared to most projects but keep in mind there is a burn of coins. How the burn works is when a company creates a token they burn the amount of Ravencoin with that amount kind of like creating shares for that one company that means the more companies that create their token the less Ravencoins that are in circulation/total, so don't look at that max supply amount since the burn will effectively lower the total that will be created. enjoy the read;



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Armello - Digital Card Board Game - Steam
Hey Everyone,

I found randomly a board game on steam called Armello, it looks pretty fun. I'm not a big card player but I love strategy board games that has a good amount of depth and the cards definitely makes that happen, so I'm probably going to get it this week. It has mostly positive reviews on steam, it's been out for 3 years but the cons are it is $20 for the game and there are a lot of dlc adds for more characters, I don't see anything that gives any advantages from the dlc packages but I thought I would mention it. I did watch a twitch streamer play it with friends and it looked fun but I was pretty lost on how to play by watching, so I looked for a how to play youtube and this one I thought was a really good "how to play" video and I think sold me in getting it I post the video below but if you are interested I would love to play with a group against each other. I know some of you like card games so I thought I would share.

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Rend - What is coming - more on raid boss and dungeon/depths
Hey Everyone,

Here is an article of an interview with frostkeep/rend developers it talks about the introduction of the first raid boss and the dungeon/depths, it doesn't say a ton but once introduced I really think there will be some pve content worth checking out. There will also have pve servers if you don't want the pvp to stop you from exploring and playing as pve. I really like the game already but these additions would really make it more than just a survival game. Hopefully some of you will check it out with me.


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