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I would like to start making more complex prints, some that are just multiplie piece prints, and others that will require sanding, painting, and the such. 

Can anyone share there post process.. process?

I have a few questions:

What paint and sandpaper to get?
Is primer always required - and what brand should I go for?

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I'm speaking from a place of minor experience, not professionalism!

For paints, I'm using basic acrylics that you can get almost anywhere, though if you're more keen to spray paints I would suggest Krylon FUSION, as the FUSION brand adheres to plastic well.

I use Rustoleum Filler/Primer (one can) and Rustoleum clear coat (protection + shine).

Sandpaper is where you determine whether or not you're post processing for 5 minutes or 5 hours.. you want something gritty, and something fine, and however many in between.  I only have a high and low grit, no middle ground, and I haven't had much issue yet. (320 high, something like 80-100 low).

The idea is to;
• Print out your piece, duh.
• Use low grit sandpaper to get all the initial chunks/imperfections, and to mow down some of the more visible layer lines.
• Mask off anything you don't want filled, painted, etc.  This would include stuff like threads for screwing, etc.
• Hit it with a generous layer of the primer filler, this stuff should pile up fast and you just need an even coat.
• Still with low grit, go ahead and once over the whole piece, you almost want to sand it until the original color is back, this layer was to essentially fill in all the layer lines with the primer.
• When satisfied with that sanding session, go ahead and coat it AGAIN with primer-filler.
• This should be your "pretty layer", now you can go ahead and sand this down with more finesse, using your high grit sandpaper, this should leave a smooth finish, almost shiny if sanded well enough.
(Note, that any of the "sanding" steps could be done either wet, or dry, I tend to sand wet to A) Create less heat, plastics no like teh heets) B) Overall smoother.)

By now, hopefully you have a smooth object in hand - lastly you just need a nice, even coat of clear coat.  The more layers you put on, the better/shinier, but I'm sure if you overdo it, you can probably tell.
2-3 maybe?

I probably missed something, but that's ok.

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