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    Racial Stats & Bonuses

    Stoneborn Wood-Elf Human Nethari Half-Giant High-Elf Guinecean Half-Elf Centaur Fae Minotaur Elken
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  4. Hey Everyone, I've been diving into crowfall a lot lately, especially the crafting. Crafting is a huge part of this game if you don't have good crafters making high lvl gear weapons and Vessels(vessels are higher quality bodies) you will not be very competitive. It's very similar to Eve online crafting with how proficient you are when crafting items, for example once you get to advanced crafts it isn't just the higher quality mats that create good gear, weapons, etc(also you have to make items piece by piece) but also there is profession training that gets say a blacksmith to be more proficient. I didn't understand the whole concept until last night when I found this really good guide that explains it better(link will be added to bottom of post). On top of that there are a massive amount of different stats in the game (example, AP, SP, crit hit, crit hit damage, lifesteal, armor pen (6 - 8 different types of armor pen), slashing damage, crushing damage, mitigations of all kinds, the list goes on and on) so putting different mats together for items also creates different types of stats when crafting. There is sooo much to it any hard core crafter is going to be in heaven (I think). So to help with understanding how crafting works, what combination of mats does what and how the profession tree works I found these 3 links. If you are interested in the game or just crafting take a look at them it will really help you. (oh also gatherers have the same type of challenge as the crafters so they are going to also be needed) https://bookofyaga.com/guides/beginner-crafting-guide https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vQyzf-_8hodhY2-wY9U1_bMzqqwAR9B69ZDovDi-HYij3VH7Jt8Bjho6xidOjQCGfANpvkvyH53IXdg/pubhtml# https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DOM_0h8htzzUpddGnjfM765uEtm2UwCa5XdUajUiaIc/edit#gid=0 Enjoy! OJ
  5. coden1ke

    Crowfall Ramp Up

    Warpigs is starting the ramp up for Crowfall. At the moment (and for the foreseeable future) you can find us over on the Chaos faction. There was a handful of us that picked up the game back when it was a kickstarter, those of us that did are now jumping in to learn the ropes of Crowfall. This past January Crowfall reached a point in its development cycle that really shows (unlike other games we are following) the game starting to take shape. Combat largely feels good, crafting has both depth and meaning (weird, right?), PvP looks to have meaning, and lets not forget the housing. Jumping into Crowfall at this moment feels reminiscent of the build up for Wildstar we had way back when. There is a handful of us that are in learning the game and all it has to offer now. And of course we will be posting more information and guides for the game as we learn it and as the game continues through the rest of its development cycle. Below is our current roster, please post to this thread with any updates and I will ensure to keep this top section up-to-date with that info. Information regarding classes and crafting professions will be kept here. Attackroot coden1ke Falkirk Ha'boo Ojore Ryzed
  6. Lata

    Sleak looking UI

    Dauntless is updating they loadout screen. Looks sharp
  7. coden1ke

    Pokemon Direct (2019 Game)

    Fingers Crossed - 9:00 AM Wednesday, 26. (Tomorrow)
  8. coden1ke

    Overwatch: Hero 30

  9. I was bored at work and saw a nice challenge of putting together (a not so hard) puzzle for the new TeamSpeak 5. On their twitter: https://twitter.com/teamspeak There are puzzle images of what we are to believe is the next teamspeak UI. I thought it would be fun to have Python do the work for me. So it is quick and dirty but should still make sense. from PIL import Image, ImageChops image_one = Image.open('1.jpg') image_two = Image.open('2.jpg') image_three = Image.open('3.jpg') image_four = Image.open('4.jpg') image_five = Image.open('5.jpg') image_six = Image.open('6.jpg') image_seven = Image.open('7.jpg') image_eight = Image.open('8.jpg') image_nine = Image.open('9.jpg') image_ten = Image.open('10.jpg') diff = ImageChops.difference(image_one, image_two) diff2 = ImageChops.difference(diff, image_three) diff3 = ImageChops.difference(diff2, image_four) diff4 = ImageChops.difference(diff3, image_five) diff5 = ImageChops.difference(diff4, image_six) diff6 = ImageChops.difference(diff5, image_seven) diff7 = ImageChops.difference(diff6, image_eight) diff8 = ImageChops.difference(diff7, image_nine) diff9 = ImageChops.difference(diff8, image_ten) diff10 = ImageChops.invert(diff9) diff10.save('diff.jpg') They have 10 images at the time I wrote this, so we are missing 2 more. I named them in order, not really necessary, you can create an empty folder and just have it open all images in directory with a loop. Here is the result:
  10. slayer1002

    Request Access to Server

    omgitisaduck 97a0f55d-8854-4a29-ab9f-149ee462cee6
  11. coden1ke

    Population Zero

  12. Ha'boo

    EA's Battle Royale: Apex Legends

  13. Rennoko

    oldish video

    Good times for sure, shame that a difficult PVE game is not likely to survive the market again.
  14. coden1ke

    oldish video

    But Pew, What about these?
  15. Pew

    oldish video

    Found this video on youtube that boom made a while back. Im just glad im actually in a video now
  16. Yup. Lets hope it doesn't take forever open beta.
  17. This is awesome news, thank you for the update Haboo!!!
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